The One About Key Working

The One About Key Working

David Benyon. Hettie Williams. Gwen Mayor. Ann Maguire. Phillip Lawrence. They might not all be names you recognise. What they have in common is the courage they displayed in terrifying circumstances. In all except Hettie’s classroom, those decision cost them […]

The One With the Knowledge

No, I’m not becoming a London taxi driver (or a pilot, but that’s another story!) This week, OFSTED’s Head of Research Prof Daniel Muijs is reported to have offered his opinion that teachers should be “periodically” required to demonstrate their […]

The One About Workload

I don’t write often enough, and I certainly don’t write enough about things that matter. Today, I’m thinking about my work. And specifically my workload. I teach. I’m contracted for 13.5 hours over 2.5 days. And yet my children attend […]