Ordinary Adventures

Another post inspired by Spencer’s Arc.
Nina posted about her everyday adventures. I thought I’d do the same.

Swimming is the highlight of the day for us Mondays.  Mr A moved up swimming groups recently.  No more nursery rhymes in the baby group for us  now! We’re still in the little pool, but wearing our armbands and trying to swim. Mr A isn’t fully settled into it yet, but we’ll get there!  That prettymuch tires him out for the whole afternoon,  so I catch up on housework,  e mails and bill paying while he sleeps.


Morning means Stay & Play at Sure Start. For Mr A, that means playibg with the sand, water tray and bikes before snack, then the tractors, cars & trains after (he’s a creature of habit like his Mummy!)  Last week he surprised me and did some painting too!  I’ll blog another time about how important our Sure Start centre is to us. After, we wander home via the local shops for lunch & nap time. That’s my cooking & online grocery shopping time.  I try to get the evening meal prepped during nap time as my little “helper” rarely actually helps! Tuesdays are often when OH heads down South for work, so the evening is set aside for a bit of planning/ironing/tv catch up/sewing. Ideally,  it’d be sewing but that list is in order of likelihood!

This is when the real work begins.  Mr A is at nursery in the afternoon while I do my paid work. In the morning,  I try to do one last fun thing with him before the weekend!  Usually it’s some kind of baking … After the drop off, I head into work.  This week it was via a beer shop for a leaving gift for a colleague.  Some weeks I am at the chalkface for the afternoon,  others I’m on paperwork. It was the latter this week; writing uo course notes gor cascading to other staff.

More time at the chalkface.  This week saw me fulfill my monthly volunteering commitment with a Girlguiding group too. It was a chocolate themed night as it’s our last meeting before Easter. Got to bring the spares home 🙂

More chalkface.  But it’s the start of the holidays so I don’t stay late. Jusy a quick fridge clear out and home early.  That means I get to walk Mr A home from nursery too, which he prefers to going in the car!

This weekend,  it’s time with the grandparents, aunts & uncles & friends.  We went to a street fair for the first time with Mr A. He loved it. He kept trying to get up onto the big scary rides despite being barely half the height requirement. Not sure where the bravery comes from…  certainly not me or his Daddy! !

So that’s our normal week. Of course,  next week is school holidays so nothing will be the same. Hopefully we will get some of our Easter “to do” rasks turned into “been done” ones.

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