The One About Altruistic August

I love the Action for Happiness calendars.

Here’s August 2021’s:

I’ll try to update how I get on this month!

  1. I’ll try to be kind!
  2. I’ve been writing a few, not to send today but soon…
  3. Got to catch up with a former colleague and offer her my support,
  4. Hmmm… not sure I actually achieved this one – it’s been a solitary day.
  5. Office day – easy to do!
  6. Office day – easy to do!
  7. Time today was spent with family at an EV festival.
  8. Today should have been a baking day, but life got in the way 🙁
  9. Hope I did this for the person who picked up my to do list today.
  10. Today, that’s been me! Spent some self-care time outdoors to do just that.

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