The One About Jump Back July

I love the Action for Happiness calendars. You can access them via A new one is published each month.

July is all about resilience. It’s about choosing how to respond. June ended on a very low point for me, so this has come at just the right time. I’ll add to this post each day to track my progress.

  1. I’m not good at asking for help. I’m going to ask for feedback one something I applied for recently, though, which is a big step for me as I’m usually more of a “dust myself down and get on with something else” person.
  2. Some things I am looking forward to – camping with my babies, getting my roots re-dyed, new nails, my adventure holiday, C2C 2021, time with my favourite Geeks & Goddesses, pressing ‘send’ on my class end of year reports!
  3. Adopt a growth mindset. I find this hard. But, I know I need to try. I just can’t be positive about some situations yet 😉
  4. Find an action to overcome a problem. Today I took part in #BrewEd #AspiringSchoolLeaders and that’s given me a few good ideas for helping to shape my next career steps.
  5. Avoid saying “must” and use “should” today. We booked a NT visit. We didn’t go because we laid in too late. Does that count?
  6. Can’t go into detail but after a little grumble, and a good chat, I can see a way forward. It’s a long path, but I will get somewhere even if it’s not where I wanted to go!
  7. Dinner with friends 🌮
  8. Well, it’s hard to do all that today as it’s a work day! I managed an early start, a good breakfast and a walk after the school run. Not too bad considering!
  9. Help someone. Well, I was at work, so helping children all day! Didn’t find an extra special person in need though.
  10. Today was a good day! Something different happened, not sure how it went but I did OK I think!
  11. Had a lovely trusting gossip with my friends today…. does that count!?!?
  12. Be compassionate to yourself. Well, I’m starting my day a little earlier and using that time to read the newspaper via an app our local library service subscribes to. It’s my time each day now.
  13. Chat with a friend earlier had me being the “positive pants” person to try and counter her negativity (role swap!)
  14. I’m working on dreaming big but setting a path made of achievable steps.
  15. This is something I find tricky – constantly providing childcare to my own children or my class leaves very little opportunity for this.
  16. That’s a favourite phrase already 😆
  17. Today hasn’t had many worries. Thoughts, yes. But not worries.
  18. This is going to be the focus of my summer.
  19. I’ve had so much more time with my babies since March 18th!
  20. What’s the best that could happen? I’ll keep buying that lottery ticket 💰 Decisions that aren’t made based on financial implications would be the best.

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