The One About Action for Happiness (14th Jan)

“Take a different route today and see what you notice”

This is a task that needs some pre-planning. I have three journeys to make today – one to MissE’s daytime activity, one to MrA’s after school activity and one to my Zumba class. The route to Zumba is really not that easy to vary, and nor is the after school activity. So, it’s MissE’s daytime activity that gets the amended route. She only started last week, and I discovered then that the traffic on the 15 mile journey is much lighter than I had expected, so an amended route is possible in the time frame available.

It turned out taking a different route meant a trip from the activity venue to the supermarket. But it was still fun to a certain extent as MissE was keen to tell me what she could see out her windows!

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