The one about progress

OK, another task done – I have freecycled 8 times now!  Gave away some old electrical equipment today!  The loft is looking much tidier now.

I’ve also made progress with learning to crochet – I made my first chain last night.  Haven’t yet figured out how to add another row – it’s a lot harder than it looked in the book!

**** Goes to look on t’internet ****

Found a great tutorial video on YouTube – I’ve managed to crochet a small patch (it was meant to be a rectangle, but I seem to have decreased the number of stitches somehow!!!) and to finish off my piece.  I think I’ll have another go later at a square before I attempt the first pattern in the book – two bags, one for the beach and one evening style bag….

So, the progress so far is that I’ve completed 4 tasks and I’m working on 2…

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