The one after the first post

Hmmm.. don’t know what I pressed there, but what I’d started to write here has all vanished (and, no, it wasn’t the delete button I promise!!)

As I was saying…. the first post went well; it all appeared as I had hoped it would.  And I did finally get sorted for going to camp.  I’m even sorted from getting back from camp too – if you ignore the HUGE pile of ironing building up in the lounge… which I am managing to do (ignore it, that is, not iron it!)

I’ve been challenged by a group of Rangers to take on a “101 Things in 1001 Days” challenge and to create a blog of my progress…  challenge
1 was to create a blog, which I think I have done 😉  Next job is to think of another 100 things to add to the list, and then publish it here….  watch out for The One with 101 Things coming soon!

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