The One With the Hair Dye

(Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go horribly wrong)

Before you read this review, there are several things you should know;”:

1 – I haven’t home dyed my hair since the last millennium. I do have my hair coloured by a very experienced hairdresser, every few months. It takes her a long time to do it and she does an amazing job!

2 – I have quite a lot of “natural silver highlights” 😝

3 – No one paid me to write this review. I bought a product, used it and decided to write about it.

OK, so now you know all that, find out how I got on with my eSalon home colouring kit.


I saw a Facebook advert for eSalon lots. I saved it, and forgot about it for a couple of months. I stumbled across the saved post recently and decided to order. Cue lots of online questions about my hair, it’s natural colour(s), my usual colouring routine. eSalon “craft customised home colour kits” created by a “personal colourist” I submitted a recent photo to the site to help with colour matching, but this isn’t essential.


My kit arrived in a lovely looking box, with everything neatly in its own place. It wasn’t discreet though – my name, the company name and “colouring kit” were obvious across the packaging (so no hiding from my OH that I was planning to dye my hair!

Using the kit

As I said, everything was beautifully presented. The instruction sheet comes with a handy sticker for attaching it to your mirror/wall for safe keeping – a really useful touch! Two sets of gloves are included, but no plastic clips for sectioning hair.

I chose to mix the colour in a bowl and apply with a brush, but you can mix it in the applicator bottle if you prefer.

Once mixed, you simply brush the colour onto your roots, one section of hair at a time. I didn’t have any plastic sectioning clips, so I used Kirby grips to hold my hair in place once I’d applied the dye.

The kit says to set a timer for 30 mins – I trusted this job to Alexa 🙂

After 30 mins, you don the second pair of gloves and rub the colour into your roots for 2 mins then head to the shower to rinse the colour out.

Rinsing clean was probably the lot difficult part. I was in the shower for *ages* eSalon supply a sachet each of shampoo and conditioner, but these were very scant portions. I ended up using my own shampoo and washing my hair 3 tones before it stopped feeling greasy and heavy.

The results

My first impression was that the colour was way too dark for me. However, since my hair was still wet, it was hard to be certain. What was obvious was that the dye had taken well, and I could see no sign of any silver!

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