The One Without an Easter Plan

I’ve had Easter holiday plans and “to do” lists before. I’ve even shared them here, inspired by someone else doing the same.

Not for 2018, though. This Easter holiday, all our house is focussing on is recovery from a winter season of germs that have battered us all. We’re all tired, we’re all in need of rest, we all have colds and I’m sporting a lovely post-viral rash that could take up to 6 months to clear (and itches like mad)

So, no promises to feed lambs, make chocolate nest cakes or any of that. We will sleep when we need to, wear pyjamas all day if we want to, and spend two weeks doing what our bodies want us to and need us to so that we can face the rest of the year fit and healthy.

(What would fix us all is a break in the sun, but, with 2 weddings to attend this year and my #CTeach to fund, that isn’t financially viable. We’ve not even been able to book our traditional Easter caravan park holiday this year)

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