The One Starting Home Schooling

MrA’s school closed as of 9pm last night. He only found out when he got up this morning!

He was up at the usual time (0615) Andres his breakfast. At 0800 he was asked to get dressed and to tidy his desk. By about 0930 he’d achieved this!

No specific work had been sent by school, but as MrA is lucky enough to have a Chartered Teacher for a Mum, that wasn’t an issue!

We achieved some work. I knew what he’d done recently and what he was capable of. It wasn’t without its pains. There were tears. But, we don’t know how long this will last for and I know my son – he enjoys his routines and doesn’t cope well with changes (he’s like his Mum!)

Starting soon, we will get daily tasks from his teacher. Hopefully we will keep going with those in the same way…. let’s see!

**UPDATE** 1st April. It hasn’t been all plain sailing. Many more tears have been shed (mostly his, but not entirely) We manage time keep up with the core tasks but he’s never done anything more (and I haven’t asked him to) I do wonder what the point is. Professionally, I see how the gap will broaden. He will do OK. He’s not learning new content at the moment, but he’s shown he’s retained what he’s covered in school so far. But that won’t be true for all of his class. And like all homework, I wonder whether those that need the extra practice are the ones doing the work.

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