The One About Things I’ve Forgotten

We’ve welcomed Baby E into our world last week. She tried her best to make it as dramatic as she could for all involved.

Now, a week later, I’m remembering all the things I’d forgotten about life with a newborn…

  • They have more arms and legs than an octopus.  However I hold her to feed or lie her to change her, I seem to find limbs are in my way!
  • They are noisy. Not in the way that MrA is – shouting, jumping and generally being loud and excitable. MissE is a different kind of noisy – grunting, snuffling and squeaking. She also produces a growing range of bird noises – flock of geese is my current favourite.
  • Everything about them is so small. Not just the obvious things like hands and feet, but their stomachs … and bladders! All the clothes. And the nappies that look like they wouldn’t hold anything in. Alongside MissE, everything looks so big especially her big brother. It’s hard to believe he was ever the same size she is now.
  • They take up all of everyone’s resources. My time, my arms and my every waking thought are about MissE. This post has taken me days to write, and most of it has been typed one handed while MissE is feeding! I do feel sad for MrA at the moment as his sister takes up so much of me that there’s little left for him. Luckily for us all, Daddy is doing an amazing job of parenting MrAa, caring for me and MissE, running the house and generally being Superman. I honestly don’t know how we will ever get things done when he’s back at work. 
  • They’re so fascinating to watch. Whether MissE is awake, asleep or feeding, I enjoy just watching her. She is starting to try to focus on things herself and make sense of what’s around her and watching her do that is more gripping than any TV drama.

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