The one from the new classroom

Well, almost!  I’m off to school today to set up my new room!

Progress on my 101 so far goes like this – one task completed (no 30), two tasks partially completed (73 and 88)

No 73 – I spent a lot of yesterday scanning books to catalogue them – I have 195 so far!

No 88 – I have given away a dog halter and some concrete slabs.  I collected a new tent for Guides.  I am just about to give away a small filing box too.  So that’s 4 times so far!  Need to sort out the loft to get rid of some electrical items too!

I went to Ikea on Tuesday, and remembered to take all my re-usable shopping bags with me (no 89) – which was a good thing… I needed them 🙂  Managed to squeeze in a visit to HobbyCraft to get some crochet equipment (no 31)  So, there are lots of completions in the pipeline…

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