The one in the sunshine

Oh the wonders of wireless technology – blogging from the garden!  Seemed appropriate as that’s where the rest of my day has been spent thus far.  The dog is chilling out at my feet as I type – it’s too hot for her!

Today’s work has mostly been “planting out” and sowing seeds – the sweetcorn plants are out
in the big wide world, and more carrots, beetroot and salad have been sown.  I’ve filled in some gaps with radishes and sun flowers too.  Have also covered over one half of a bed to stop the soil drying out too much before stopping for lunch!!

Thsi afternoon’s work should be potting up troughs of bedding plants and starting to dig over the peas and beans bed ready for half term to hit in a week’s time.  Fingers crossed the good weather lasts til then.  The forecast says not 🙁

Better go & get on before the battery goes…  the pitfalls of wireless technology!

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