The one with the tomatoes

OK, so the title gives away what I did yesterday!  The plan was to make the roof for the summerhouse, but the rain & wind prevented that, so the afternoon was spent in the greenhouse.  Have now got 4 tomato plants in the ground, and some salad leaves planted arouns them.  I also potted on the cucumber plants and started a few pea plants in pots to put out in week or so – well, as soon as there is soil in the allocated bed!

Visited baby O at camp on Sunday too – looked like he was enjoying himself.

Satuday night was the Sue Ryder Midnight Walk.  Sally & I managed the 6 mile course  in 90 mins, which we were really pleased with.  We managed to raise over £300 for Sue Ryder Care at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough too, which was great!!

I’ve also finished reading my first library book – a piece of chick-lit about a jilted bride who goes on her “honeymoon” alone.  It was trashy but a good read for the holidays.

Can’t remember whether I posted about my blood donation…..  I gave a pint!

The next focus has got to be exercise related – starting the couch to 5k programme and getting out on my bike…..  watch this space 🙂

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