The one with the long term commitment

Asparagus went into the garden today!  Read earlier in the week that putting in
asparagus is making a long term commitment to your garden – pledging your troth
to it.  It’ll be another 1-2 years before we get a proper harvest from it, but then we could be looking at upto 100 spears a year!  Wow!!!  Worth the time investment, I think.

Also put in some rhubarb plants too – another long term crop – and assembled one of the compost bins.

In the kitchen, a spiced raisin and parsnip cake has been the baking project of the weekend.
That’s the third weekend of baking for this term – banoffee muffins, then a sponge pudding and now cake.  Ed is holding out for cinnamon rolls next, but we’ll see.

Not much else to report at the moment!

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