The One Looking Back on 30 Days of Gratitude 

Wow! A month goes so fast! Three blog posts later and what have I realised? I have a lot to be grateful for. And I owe a great debt of thanks to a few very special people. 

So, in no particular order:

Thank youMrE for, well, everything! Looking after me, our babies, our house, the dog… cooking amazing meals, loading the washing machine, tiling, fitting shelves, attempting to iron our clothes. None of it has gone unnoticed.

No9 – thank you for bringing me yummy lunches and being the person I can call on at 4am when life happens. It helps me that your kids are insomniacs even if it drives you mad 😄

No92 – thank you for being the calm, reasoned, sensible one of us three witches! I often add *insert advice from No92 here* into conversations with No9!

My family – both close and extended. Thanks for being on call when we need you. For looking after us and bringing us up to be the people we are now.

My babies – thank you for all the madness, bonkers times and fun you bring to our house. You were worth every penny, every injection and contraction. I wouldn’t swap you for anything!

That’s my Oscars speech over with!

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