The One Where I’m Outnumbered (part 2)

I shared week 1 of being outnumbered here. Below is week 2.

Day 8  – at the risk of sounding like a broken record (haha! A new descriptor is needed – WTF isa record!?!!) we had another bad night’s sleep with MissE up for the day from 0520! MrA woke at 0730. By 1000 we were all dressed, fed (twice in MissE’s case) and off to the supermarket for new wellies! This afternoon, MrA is out with a friend so I’m getting on with ironing and cleaning in the hope of getting an early night after baths & bedtime later….  Jobs all done ✅ dinner cooked ✅ dinner eaten ❓(Not by MrA) Decided to delay baths til after football tomorrow. Bedtime ✅ Early night ✅ 

Day 9 – another bad night. MissE was fine, but MrA was up at 0345 and 0600 with an ear ache. By 0800 he was outside playing, so he was duly packed off to school. No gym for me today as I’m half expecting another call from school to fetch him early. (Edit: Gym session as cancelled as the instructor was ill) The call never came. School run ✅ Dinner ✅ Bathtime  (x3) ✅ Bedtime ✅ Online course ✅

Day 10 – Hurrah! We slept! MissE only woke at about midnight and then again at 0620. School run ✅ Wash bedding ✅ Playgroup ✅ Lunch ✅ Prep dinner ✅ Gymnastics ✅Dinner ✅Bedtime ✅ (although mine was very late!)

Day 11 – Miss E woke at midnight and 0520. Which would be ok. But I didn’t go to bed til 2330! She did go back to sleep for an hour at 0600 though. School run✅ playgroup ✅ shopping (lunch and phone fixed too!) ✅ work visit ✅ after school club ✅ dinner ✅ bedtime ✅ early night for me ✅

Day 12 – road trip to IKEA planned for today. School run ✅ IKEA ✅ lunch (free Swipe &Win hot dog!)  ✅home ✅ tidy bedrooms ❓after school club ✅ dinner ✅ bedtime ✅ Check on MrE’s flights ✅ early night❓

Day 13 – AKA MrE comes home today!!! Sing “No More Sleeps to Go” with MrA✅ ✅School run ✅ breakfast with friends ✅ tidy the house ✅ check on flight progress ✈️ keep tidying ✅ lunch ❓wait patiently for MrE to arrive ❌

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