The One Without Facebook

I’ve given up Facebook for Lent. I’m still using Twitter, Messenger and WordPress, and I may briefly check Facebook notifications on Sundays if I have time (mostly for event and selling post notifications)

This is my experience. I’ll update as and when I get time! (updated 8/3/17)

Day 1 – I’ve noticed that I open up my phone and my hand instinctively goes to tap where the familiar blue & white f logo used to be. I’ve already read a chapter of a my new book feeding MissE rather than scrolling through my news feed! Better get my Kindle reloaded as there are 6 weeks to go!

Day 5 – not missing it at all 🙂 Enjoying an occasional Tweet, but that’s all. I’ve become conscious of how many times I hear “I saw this thing on Facebook….” as conversation starters. I don’t feel I’m missing out. I haven’t been able to share holiday pictures of our weekend away like I would have done though.

Day 7 – finding that I have odd pockets of time that Facebook would have filled that can’t be filled in other ways. Also making planning events difficult as a lot of what I do as a volunteer relies on Facebook groups and events!

Day 20 – getting used to not being online as much. Missed a few announcements, and got a few annoying “you’ve been tagged” emails though. Also want to check on a couple of selling groups but can’t!

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