The One with The Things We Never Said

The Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot-Wright was my first read of the summer holidays.  I started it at 9:15pm and finished it just after 1am the same night!  It was a recommendation from a friend as I was looking for something with an ending that wouldn’t disappoint. Emma’s suggestion was spot on!

The storyline is told from two perspectives and in two different eras.  At the outset the link between the two stories isn’t clear, but Elliot-Wright cleverly crafts the two plot lines, weaving the two characters’ lives slowly together. Her style flows and her description of the characters’ feelings and emotions had me in tears at times  (as did her description of child birth!)

This book was a fantastic start to my summer reading.  Not sure what will follow it yet, but it’ll have to be pretty amazing to beat this one.


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