The One About 30 Days of Gratitude (Part 2)

A longer post this time!

Day 10 – a taste. It’s a choice between the lovely cup of Earl Grey MrJ ordered me while we went out for breakfast earlier, or the homemade millionaire’s shortbread I sneaked a slice of this afternoon!

Day 11 – I’ve had a few amazing holidays but I think the best was probably the week we spent camping in Cornwall with MrA when he was 11 months old. We had great weather and a fabulous time making memories. 
Day 12 – I’m not a big fan of textures, especially when it comes to food or drink. And I hate scratchy clothing! The texture that’s captured my heart this week is the feel of some gorgeous new tartan handbags in our local coffee/ gift shop. Not scratchy wool, but soft fluffiness in beautiful colours and patterns. Just got to hope Father Christmas is reading this 😄

Day 13 – I’m not the greatest at blowing my own trumpet (who is?) I’m very much the sort of person who is OK at a few things, but not really an expert in any. I’m OK at making simple cakes and I can sew pretty well. I’m grateful that I can have an acceptable go at most things (except sports and knitting) Can I have that as an ability?

Day 14 – the sight of a cup of tea ☕️ this morning meant the world to me. I’d had a long night with MissE, as she’s full of cold. Waking up, I found that Daddy had sorted out MrA for the school run while I slept in, and had left me a cup of tea. 💕

Day 15 – Summer. 
Day 16 – I missed my ankles while I was pregnant. I have slim ankles and I really quite like them!

Day 17 – today I started an online CPD course about the National Curriculum for Computing. I took the first test and passed with flying colours, based entirely on my knowledge of geeky computing terms 🤓 which I’m grateful to have!

Day 18 – art. I’m fond of most Lowry paintings but I wouldn’t say I’m grateful for them. In April, MrE and I went to Venice. While there, a sculpture of an astronaut outside a gallery caught our eye. We don’t really do art gallery visits but I persuaded MrE to try this one and we were captivated by the works displayed at an exhibition by Joseph Klibansky.  This is the sculpture that drew us in. This painting was also a highlight for me.
Day 19 – I think it will have to be kisses and cuddles from MrA and MissE. They’re touched I didn’t know if I’d ever feel.

Day 20 – Today we visited my parents and my great grandmother.We had a family photo of 4 generations of girls and took one of all my parents’ grandchildren together. So I’m grateful for family today.

Day 21 – How can I only choose one? Today alone I’ve been grateful for Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors, Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 and Take That’s Rule the World. I like music! I’d choose Killing Me Softly as my one that I’m most grateful for though ❤️

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