The One With Spots

The story starts at around 7 pm Friday. While getting MrA ready for bed, we noticed one red spot on his chest. By 9 am Saturday, he’s scratched it and a few more spots have appeared around his collar bone and his neck.

By 12 noon on Saturday, there are a few on his hips. At 3pm Saturday he has some pustules on his groin and the first spots on his chest have that pitted look to them. MrA definitely has chicken pox.  Beyond the itchy spots, he has very few other symptoms – no more grumpy than your average 2 year old, no more sleepy either and a normal temperature (he’s hot blooded anyway; he often wears just a t shirt in the winter!)

My plan is to add to this blog as his illness progresses.  I’ll also add some image links I’ve found useful in monitoring what his spots are doing. 

It’s now Sunday afternoon. More spots – probably about 30 in total. Some pustules, some just red and the first one scabbed (but that may be from scratching) Temp did rise slightly last night but not for long and infant paracetamol helped too. MrA is still showing no real signs of illness – he headed down his slide head first while outside getting some fresh air this morning! !

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